Principals / Community Managers

John C. Theoharis

  • 39 years in real estate and property management,
  • Credentials / Licensure:  Washington DC and Virginia, CMCA

Heidi Theoharis

  • 33 years in real estate and property management.
  • Credentials / Licensure: Property Manager and real estate broker (DC)

Associates / Community Managers

Our Community Managers are experienced professionals who oversee property operations for condominium, cooperative, and townhouse homeowner communities in the Metropolitan Washington DC area.  They are adept at managing both start-up and established communities, from new townhouse homeowner associations with multiple stages of development, to high-end luxury condominium projects in Washington, DC’s burgeoning residential market.

Our Community Managers address issues involving property maintenance and repairs, vendor management, administration of provisions of community governing documents, resident communications, and budget preparation.  Their responsibilities include developing a full understanding of the diverse needs of each community they manage.  This may mean assisting start-up communities with the many aspects of a successful transition from the Developer, or assisting a maturing community’s board of directors in preserving and enhancing property values through excellent maintenance and repair management.

Anastasia Theoharis (licensed in Washington, DC and Virginia, CMCA)

  • Has a particular expertise in working closely with Developers  to handle the many property management issues and tasks arising at the start of a new residential HOA community.  She also works closely with the new townhouse / condo unit owners, who have many questions as they take up residence in their new community.

Christina Theoharis (licensed in Washington, DC and Virginia, CMCA)

  • Expert in working with Developers of new residential communities, both Townhouse HOAs and Condominium Associations.  Particularly adept at developing Policies and Procedures, and working with members of the homeowner-controlled board of directors to identify and successfully address community operational needs.

Administration / Financial Operations / Communications

Julieta Simmons

  • Ms. Simmons’ resume includes over 25 years experience in real estate and community management bookkeeping and financial reporting / records management.  Ms. Simmons is integral to the successful financial management of communities in tracking homeowner accounts, vendor billings and payments, and preparation of monthly reporting to an Association’s board of directors.  She is well-versed in working with auditors on a yearly basis in the review and analysis of individual community financials.  She also oversees all Theoharis Management day-to-day accounting operations.

Yeshe Thomasch

  • Ms. Thomasch possesses three decades of experience in customer service, business operations consulting, and communications.  She supports the success of Theoharis Management in the development of bids and proposals for our property management services.  Once a residential community partners with Theoharis Management, Ms. Thomasch oversees the preparation and distribution of communications to homeowners regarding their property and the Association.  This may include community-wide informational notices; letters to individual homeowners re: violations of governing documents; and/or preparing and distributing time-sensitive and specifically mandated communications about Annual Meetings of the Association and periodic meetings of the Board of Directors.